"At HALA MOTORS, we believe that the future of mobility is EV powered, Device Driven and Connected."

Our vision is to create a sustainable transport mode that encompasses electrification, shared mobility and autonomy


To collaborate internationally in research and development and to promote it using global resources.

To influence policy and decision makers.

To create sustainable social impact that positively Influences and enhances the lives of communities.

To reduce harmful emissions and be a contributor in improving air quality in Africa and the world.

Hala Motors is following a 5 year product development program. We are in the 3rd year of the program.

Year 1 & 2 (2017 & 2018): Project Research and Validation.

Year 3 - (2018) : Primary Focus being the development of a prototype vehicle.

Year 4 (2019) : Launch of Konsep1 Minibus taxi

Year 5 (2020) : Establishment of a plant in South Africa in order to manufacture Electric Vehicles.

HALA MOTORS is interested to connect with those sharing our passion for Electric Vehicles and their application in passenger and commercial transport. We are building collaborative networks and engaging like minded entities to enhance our capacity to deliver on our programme and would like to hear from you.


HALA MOTORS is a South African based Electric Vehicle (EV) company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company’s primary focus in phase one of its vision is the Design, Development and Production of passenger transport vehicles and commercial vans.

HALA MOTOR's joint technology development partners in Europe, including academia, are providing the core skills and know-how for the development of HALA as a motor vehicle manufacturer.


For the last two years, Hala has been involved with European partners, to test and advance the idea of developing an EV minibus for the South African taxi industry.

Significant progress has been achieved in validating the idea from both a technical development requirement and the testing of market potential.

The idea has been build around a 22 seater minibus vehicle.

The HALA KONSEP1 EV Minibus is a 22 seater vehicle that's primarily based on the EV powertrain.

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